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SD GPS Magnetometer

SD GPS Underwater Magnetometer

DEEPGEOTECH Magnetometer

We offer modern geophysical equipment - magnetometers and gradiometers. These devices are used to measure the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field, to search for magnetic anomalies and as a deep seeking metal detectors.
Magnetometer DEEPGEOTECH
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23.06.14 A new version of the magnetometer. The changes: Protection schemes of polarization of the input stage of the amplifier. Improved GPS-receiver. The new version of the firmware (to increase the accuracy of measurements).
10.04.11  Firmware
New firmware version. 1.9
16.03.11  Firmware
New firmware version. 1.7
DeepGeotech Viewer 1.2
27.02.11  Manual
Added: User manual
26.02.11  Firmware
New firmware version. 1.6
DeepGeotech Viewer 1.1 DeepGeotech Viewer 1.1 - integration with Google Maps, a click on the profile displays a mark on the map where the measurement was taken.

Physical principle:

The measurement of the magnetic field strength is based on the measurement of the precession frequency of the proton magnetic moment (hydrogen nuclei) in the Earth’s magnetic field.

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New technologies:

Due to cutting-edge components, we managed to achieve the high characteristics of the magnetometer in sensitivity and resolution. It is possible to analyze the readings on the built-in LCD or to save the values of the magnetic field strength with their GPS coordinates to a SD/MMC in order to process them later on a personal computer.
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