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Gradiometer DEEPGEOTECH (Currently not produced)

In progress, please coming soon.


Relative sensitivity: 0.1 nTl 1 Hz
Resolution: 0.01 nTl
Absolute error: +/- 0.2 nTl
Range: 30,000 to 70,000 nTl
Measurement period: 0.1 - 3 sec.
Operating temperature: from -20 oC to +50 oC
Memory up to 2 gigabytes (external flash card)
Battery 7 A/h
Battery time ~ 8 hrs
Size and weight:
Central unit: 250 x 70 x 180 mm, Weight 2,5 kg
Sensor: 200 x 150 x 180 mm, Weight 3,5 kg

Operating modes

Manual: coordinates, time, date and measurements are saved to an SD card when you press the button.
Fully automatic: time, date, measurements are saved automatically at the interval from 0.1 to 3 sec.

Standard package

Central unit - 1 piece
Sensor - 2 pieces
Sensor cable - 2 pieces
Battery charger
User manual

Device comparison

We offer the device in two versions: a magnetometer and a gradiometer. Both devices have high sensitivity and resolution characteristics. The gradiometer is a more functional version, it has all the features of the magnetometer plus additional features. The advantages of the magnetometer are a lower price, smaller weight and lower power consumption. To choose the equipment that suits your needs best, look through the comparison table:


Magnetometer mode
Metal finder mode
Write to SD/MMC card
One sensor
Price: $1300


Magnetometer mode
Metal finder mode
Gradiometer mode
Write to SD/MMC card
2 sensors
Price: coming soon